Chemical Industry


CONSORT Group’s team of consultants has a lot of experience in searching for top- and mid-level managers and highly qualified specialists for the chemical industry. We have successfully completed over 300 assignments for multinational and Russian companies.

Among our clients: Bayer, Akzo Nobel, Air Liquide, DuPont, Groupe Roullier.
Examples of successful searches:
Top Management: General Director, Plant Director, Head of Branch (Ukraine), Heads of Regional Offices
Production: Technical Director, Production Director, Labour Safety Manager
Engineers: Maintenance Engineers, Local Production Launch Director, Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers
Sales and Marketing: Sales Director, Key Account Director, Marketing Director, Area Managers, Sales Technical Support Managers, Certification Manager, Product Manager
Finance, Logistics: Finance Director, Finance Controller, Demand Forecast Manager, Logistics Director, Purchasing Manager, Transportation Manager
Administration, IT, HR, Legal: IT Director, HR Director, Corporate Lawyer, Security Manager

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