Logistics and Transportation Industry


CONSORT Group’s team of consultants has a wealth of experience in searching for mid- and top-level management for transportation, logistics and postal operators. We have successfully worked with international and leading Russian companies in transportation and logistics sector, contributing to the arrival of new market players and helping well-known companies in their business expansion.

We have completed over 200 assignments for air-carriers and leading postal operators, international and leading Russian logistics companies.
Among our clients: Russian Post, Aeroflot, DHL, TNT, GlobalLogisticsProjects, Containerships.
Examples of successful searches:
Top Management: General Director, Managing Director, Head of Regional Development, Head of Strategic Development Department
Sales Management and Marketing: Sales Director, National Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager, National Customer Service Manager
Transportation, Customs: Head of Transportation, Cargo Transportation Manager, Customs Manager, Customs Brokers
Finance: Finance Director, Head of Reporting, IFRS Manager, Head of Analysis Department, Strategic Investor Relationship Manager, Finance Analysts and Accountants
HR, Administration, Security: Administrative Director, HR Director, Head of Compensation & Benefits Department, Security Manager
IT: Head of Technology and IT Management, IT Director, SUN Technical Manager
Legal: Head of Legal Department, Corporate Lawyer
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