Principles of work


 With customers:

  •  Follow the agreed contractual conditions of work
  •  Regularly inform the customer about the status of his order
  •  Strictly adhere to agreements with the client as to what information about the company, position and compensation can be disclosed to candidates, and at what stage
  •  Do not disclose customer's confidential information to third parties
  •  Never regard as potential candidates those who got employed through CONSORT Group until they continue their present employment
With candidates:
  • In relations with candidates, respect principles of business ethics
  • Strictly comply with agreed terms and conditions of feedback
  • Provide candidates with full information about the vacancy
  • Do not disclose confidential information about candidates to third parties
  • Do not send resumes of candidates to a prospective employer, and do not even mention their names and titles without the candidate's consent
  • In no way charge fees of any sort from candidates for their employment