International Executive Search Federation


The International Executive Search Federation ( is the world’s largest network of independent retained executive search firms, with 80 offices in 22 countries, founded in 2002.
The IESF's major goal is to provide its clients with global access to professional services for the search of C-level executives and unique specialists (Executive Search) based on the specific knowledge of local markets.
The IESF's key organizational principle is “One country – one partner”. CONSORT Group has been the IESF’s exclusive partner for Russia/CIS since 2005.

What IESF can do for its clients:
  • Consulting clients on the international top-management market and the possibilities for C-level executives to move across borders
  • Global search for top managers and unique specialists for Russian companies
  • Staffing Russian companies’ branches abroad
  • Staffing offices of our IESF partners’ client companies in Russia
  • Arranging international conferences and seminars for Russian businesses interested in finding optimal HR solutions while entering markets abroad

Since 2005, CONSORT Group's consultants have completed over 80 cross-border searches that were highly evaluated by IESF's global clients.

Some of these search projects have been recognized as professional benchmarks within IESF. Using our IESF partners' best practice, we decided to advise leading companies in the Russian market of the most successful examples of our co-operation with IESF in the search for top managers and unique specialists. If you are interested, I will be happy to tell you in more detail about the possibilities of searching through our IESF partners and the prospects of meeting HR challenges that you may be facing at the moment.