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10.06.2013 - The first issue of "The Voice of IESF"

CONSORT Group, the exclusive partner in Russia/CIS of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is happy to present the first issue of the Federation’s own magazine  "The Voice of IESF":

"We know that senior executives are very busy and want to read short and concise inputs on key people issues that will help them to focus, or refocus, on some of the topics that perhaps their own senior executives are not bringing into the boardroom, perhaps because they are part of the problem!

It is intended that our magazine will sometimes be a loud voice on important management and people issues and express opinions. There are many other magazines published that are based around research and analysis and lengthy. We may provide short summaries of such articles, but that is all. Our articles will be one or two pages long – no more...

We hope you will enjoy “The Voice”.

Mark Geary

President – International Executive Search Federation"


 You can read the magazine here ("The Voice of IESF").