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10.11.2011 - Staff for Russian companies rep offices abroad

A meeting of the Committee for promoting Russian business interests overseas was held on the Russian Managers Association premises on the 8th November 2011. Michael Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of CONSORT Group, delivered a keynote speech for this event entitled “Searching for Qualified Personnel for Russian companies’ Rep Offices Abroad”.
The presentation itself and the discussion that followed dealt for the major part with challenges faced by Russian companies when hiring qualified staff to work in their foreign offices. An ardent desire of Russian top managers to bring in people from “their inner circle or next of kin” and mistrust in foreigners often result in lamentable outcome: management quality sufferes considerably, and so does the Russian business competitiveness in the west. Expert market surveys showed that hiring qualified staff proved a problem for 30% of those Russian companies who are represented abroad. Major difficulties while building a team outside Russia  include a shortage of staff with required competences and skills (46%), insufficient training and education (27%), and problems with finding a reliable and trustworthy provider of personnel search services.
Michael Bogdanov produced an analysis of the experience of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) where he has been acting as a Country Manager for Russia and CIS since 2005, and offered a solution to the above problem. His “prescription” is to overcome the restricted nature of the Russian companies’ foreign offices, to gradually increase the level of posts filled with local  people foreigners, and to co-operate proactively and efficiently with executive search professionals in the local markets. Such co-operation is already made available through the IESF which is the world’s largest association  of Executive Search consultants, who operate from 160 offices in over 40 countries. A major form of doing business together is cross-border searches based on a “One Country – One Search Partner” principle. Michael emphasized the fact that the IESF vision was to provide global access to top local talent for client companies and cited a few examples of successful search assignments conducted by IESF partners for the Russian businesses which drew a lot of attention from the meeting’s participants.