Press room

17.09.2012 - CONSORT continues its cooperation with the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

On 14th September 2012 Consort Petersburg welcomed a delegation of Finnish companies to its office on Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard. The event was part of the fact-finding mission arranged by the Russian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce for those Finnish firms from various business areas that are considering entrance into the Russian market and the opportunities that entry could bring for them.
Yury Mikhailov, Managing Partner of Consort Petersburg, introduced CONSORT Group and the services it offers to a wide variety of clients across Russia. During his presentation, Yury highlighted several topics: search for top management and other key people for a newly-established firm, issues of compensation and benefits, peculiarities of Russian corporate culture, and concerns and worries that Finnish managers have when hiring Russian staff. He also showcased several searches and explained the intricacies that western companies might be faced with when entering the local market regarding personnel. He also answered questions posed by the Finnish companies’ representatives that proved their interest in the market and understanding of its complexities, and the need to use trustworthy service partners to ensure success on the challenging but rewarding Russian market.