Press room

30.10.2012 - 20 years of impeccable client service!

On the 25th of October 2012 CONSORT Group – one of the most successful and established brands on the Russian HR consulting market – celebrated its 20th anniversary at its offices in Moscow. Nearly 9,000 search assignments have been completed for over 800 satisfied clients – major international and leading Russian companies – across a wide range of professional positions. Around 100 client representatives came to celebrate this happy anniversary. The jubilee event was held in the atmosphere of warmth, goodwill and home-like comfort.      
The event’s official part was characterized by simplicity, lack of extravagance and self-praise. CONSORT Group’s Chairman of the Board Michael Bogdanov and other company presenters briefed everyone present on major landmarks in the Group’s history, pointing out key moments and expressing gratitude to all those who throughout past 20 years have supported CONSORT’s business and helped it develop into what it has now become. 
It was followed by congratulations from clients, filled with sincere thanks and gratitude. They singled out such qualities of CONSORT Group as intelligence, as opposed to a grabbing instinct inherent in some search companies on the market, reliability, professionalism and team work.
CONSORT Group was equally magnanimous, awarding memorable prizes to its esteemed clients.
The event was crowned by a superb concert performed by the St Petersburg State University’s Youth Symphonic Orchestra who specifically arrived from the northern capital to honor its official partner and sponsor: CONSORT Group is one of the few consulting companies that support and contribute to the arts.