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11.06.2013 - I dont believe in participatory relations in Russian business.

I don’t believe in participatory relations in Russian business. 
- In Japan a lot of companies have reached the level, when it’s not necessary to manage employees. They manage themselves and are interested in the company’s development. Can we try and arrive at this level, too? And if yes, then how?
- Honestly, I don’t believe much in the possibility of bringing employees up to the level of self-administration and then just sitting still, twiddling your thumbs. As a matter of fact, every work team is like a football team or a symphony orchestra, if you want. A trainer (or a conductor) manages the team plays beautifully and harmoniously, and it can even surprise the audience by playing without any supervision. But it’s just for the time being. A once-perfect performance is getting out of tune, and the team realizes that it can’t do without a manager (old or new). Here are some examples. After the death of the great conductor Arturo Toscanini, the New -York Metropolitan Opera have shooed away  other conductors for a whole year (!) and continued performing in an ingenious manner laid down by the Italian maestro. However, after a year they finally needed a new conductor for their orchestra. 
- Or take the unsurpassed football players of “Barcelona ” ,who kept on shining for a long time after the famous coach Guardiola left the club. But eventually they’ve given up their positions and are now really in need of a new trophy-winning coach.   
Michael Bogdanov, CONSORT Group
Interviewed by Tatyana Levina,
“Personnel Management”-magazine
June, 2013