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27.09.2016 - IMISP-AMBA

On 27th September 2016 Yury Mikhailov, Consort Petersburg Managing Partner, was awarded a certificate of appreciation for supporting IMISP (the International Management Institute of St Petersburg) in their re-accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA)  the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education.

Postgraduate business education plays an important role in the development of a professional career which, in particular, was discussed at one of IMISPs expert sessions on that date. The importance of such retraining was further emphasized by the participating MBA program graduates  various companies top managers and business owners, HR directors and independent business consultants  who highlighted the fact that it was their MBA education in many ways that served as a catalyst for the rapid development of their managerial careers.

Yury Mikhailov took part in this event not only as a graduate of one of the IMISP first English-language programs  MBA-2001  but also as an expert on HR market with sixteen years of experience in executive search who knows firsthand the demand for IMISP graduates