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10.03.2017 - The IESF European Summit in Helsinki

On 9-10th March 2017, the heads of 14 offices from 11 European countries  partners of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF)  met in the capital of Finland for the annual regional conference.

Traditionally, the conference opened with a client event. The IESF Finnish partner, a well-known search firm called Personnel Group, invited many of their clients to listen to the presentations made by IESF partner firms from Russia, Israel, Germany and Poland concerning the personnel market specifics in those countries that were of great interest to Finnish businesses. On behalf of IESF Russia / CONSORT Group, Yury Mikhailov from Consort Petersburg made a detailed presentation speaking about the specifics of hiring Russian professionals and the Russian labor legislation.

In the current favorable economic situation in Germany, the war for talent has become more and more obvious. It especially concerns Production and Engineering where the starting annual salary of a postgraduate is 50,000 Euro. And as Achim Moraw, the IESF Germany partner, has put it: If Im looking for a specialist in Business Administration, I invite him or her to the assessment center; if Im looking for an engineer  I invite him/her to dinner. In Germany, an average search timeframe has significantly increased over the past ten years from 63 to 98 days.

The IESF Poland partner Ewa Adamczyk explained why Poland was the most attractive country in terms of investments in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to an advantageous geographical location and a favorable economic climate, investors are also drawn by the availability of Polish personnel  reliable, hardworking, highly educated people, knowing at least one foreign language, and with lower (by European standards) salary expectations.

One of the biggest peculiarities of Israel, as the partner from IESF Israel Dror Katabi pointed out, was a late start in ones professional career. As a rule, Israeli post-graduates begin their work life at 27-28 years of age, after a compulsory service in the army which is then followed by university studies. Some military professions can take 5-7 years of service (jet pilots, IT specialists) but this time is not wasted: such talent is being headhunted due to a very high level of knowledge and responsibility they possess.

The IESF partners have also outlined priorities for the expansion of the European network  Italy, Sweden, Turkey and the Czech Republic in the first place. The IESF global president Normand Lebeau (Canada) who was present at the European meeting spoke about the forthcoming accession to the IESF of a large search firm operating in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Negotiations are also being conducted with potential search companies from Japan and South Korea.

The IESF conference participants agreed on closer coordination of marketing efforts and intensification of professional expertise exchange.

The next IESF European meeting was decided to be held in the spring of 2018 in Bucharest (Romania), and the Annual General Meeting in Sydney (Australia).