Business Process Outsourcing


Outsourcing is transferring personnel from the client’s staff list to Consort’s payroll. By putting the client’s staff on our payroll, we pay their salaries and taxes and do all the HR paperwork and administration in line with the Russian labor legislation. This service allows the most valuable specialists to continue working for your company even if HQ sets a goal of optimizing staff numbers and a decision to downsize is taken.     

CONSORT Group takes on the whole range of labor relations for outstaffed employees:

  • Taking care of employment relations with the outstaffed personnel for the agreed period of time
  • Providing all HR paperwork and administrative support and reporting for outstaffed personnel
  • Salary calculations and payments
  • Tax calculations and payments and providing required reports
  • Arranging insurance cover and managing business trip reporting
  • Ensuring all labor relations are in line with the Russian labor legislation