Success Stories


08.09.2016Yet another successful international search

CONSORT Group are pleased to announce that Aerzen RUS, representing in Russia a leading German manufacturer of compressors, blowers and gas meters, has appointed our candidate Talgat Bayguchenkov as their Area Sales Manager in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Talgat will be tasked with direct sales of compressors, promotion of company’s products in Kazakhstan and provision of after-sales technical support.

20.04.2016SBERNED appoints HR Director

CONSORT Group/IESF Russia is pleased to announce that Sberned – a unique company in Sberbank’s structure – appointed Svetlana Kalinicheva as its HR Director in late January 2016. In this role Svetlana will be heading one of the key functions of Sberbank’s Real Estate Centre.

18.04.2016A new appointment in Nielsen

CONSORT Group is pleased to announce that in February 2016Nielsen Russia appointed Alexander Kotsyuba as its General Director.  

07.02.2016BOLSHOI NPF appoints CIO

CONSORT Group is happy to announce that BOLSHOI Non-governmental Pension Fund (NPF) – one of the largest players in the market of private pension provision – appointed Sergei Chernikov as its CIO in early February 2016. In this role Sergey leads one of the key functions of the fund.

05.11.2015General Managerfor Amur tigers

In late 2015 CONSORT Group completed a search assignment for the Center for the Study and Preservation of the Amur tiger population autonomous non-for-profit Organization (Amur Tiger Centre). Our candidate – Yury Biryukov – was appointed as its General Director.


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