NI Radiation Protection Engineer

Код — PCP-17609

In partnership with our colleagues from VMP Group Finland who offer personnel search services in the EU, Consort Petersburg are looking for professional candidates to fill a number of highly-qualified positions for VMP Group’s European client, to work at one of Finland’s nuclear power plants. If you are interested in a challenging role and a well-paid job in Finland, please apply with a CV in English to the following position:


NI Radiation Protection Engineer


Scope and Responsibility:

  • Takes care of all radiation protection matters according to the Radiation Protection Manual (works in control area, risk level in control area, unexpected event analysis in control area)
  • Gives radiation protection instructions regarding requested work orders and takes care of the management for implementation of the protection measures
  • Controls and enforces all works under radiation protection (validation measure during works in control area as working time period, individual protection, monitoring equipment)
  • Provision and management of radiation protection equipment
  • Manage the access allowance and control to the controlled area
  • Support the commissioning and maintenance engineers in all questions concerning radio protection
  • Ensure that sufficient radiation protection equipment and radiation monitoring devices are on site, which are suitable for the work to be performed
  • Update and review of the test documentation (System Commissioning Procedures, Commissioning Instructions) in consistency with the system design, the comments of Owner and Authority and commissioning program of the plant
  • Answer to the comments of Owner and Authority on test documentation, in the close cooperation with Owner technical counterpart
  • Organization and Performance of the test activities on radiation monitoring equipment with support of suppliers
  • Follow up of commissioning activities for radiation monitoring system

Key functions and responsibilities:

  • Establish the Radio Protection principles and processes
  • Establish reporting requirements and standards
  • Prepare the radio protection plan for activity in the controlled area (Operation performed according to ALARA measures)
  • Supervision of activity in the controlled area regarding radiation protection measures application (In Place Instructions and monitoring equipment)
  • Follow up and management of dose rates
  • Training and qualification


  • Experience in all aspects of radiation protection management
  • Knowledge of the generic applicable licensing requirements (to be adapted to Finnish Rules)
  • ALARA Program development and management
  • Annual Station Dose Targets development and management
  • Radiation Protection Certificate (RWP) Program management (for work in the Controlled Zone)
  • Radiological risk assessments
  • Shielding and Hot Spot program management
  • Daily Radiological Work Plans management
  • Individual dose management
  • Radiological surveillance management
  • Radiation and Contamination Surveillance and Sign Posting program
  • Respiratory Protection programs
  • Dosimetry management
  • Radioactive sources storage and management
  • RadPro Information System management
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Engineer or experienced Technician with in-depth knowledge of RadPro requirements
  • Knowledge of instrumentation, radiation monitoring
  • Several years of experience with commissioning, testing of monitoring equipment

Other skills:

  • Strong supervisory
  • Rule compliant
  • Ability to work with multiple nationalities and cultures
  • Ability to create processes and standards
  • Very good English skills, both written and spoken
  • Computer literacy in MS Office

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